HealYin – Yin & Reiki in group

Warmly welcome to a magical hour with Yin yoga och Reiki Healing in a group setting. We create together a safe space to just land into stillness and relaxation.

Yin yoga is a calm, passive yoga style with focus on introspection and recharge. Sitting/lying poses are held during a longer period to target the connective tissue, land into the moment and relax. The class is ending with a Savasana boosted with Reiki healing. We create space to melt into the deep state of relaxation to recover and for awareness. Reiki means “universal life energy” and is a holistic treatment method from Japan that reduces stress, pain and dissolves physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tensions. Reiki also works through the natural healing process of the body. The healing is performed direct hand-to-body contact/indirect contact with the hands above the body.

After the event you can chill in Livingsrooms cozy coffebar for a cup of coffe/tea and connect.

DATE: Söndag 28/8, 25/9, 23/10 & 27/11
TIME: Kl. 10-11
PLACE: Livingroom, Vasastan

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