About Yoganiva

Yoganiva was founded in October 2020 by Maria Niva, alias Maya. Yoganiva is a company offering classes, courses, events, workshops, retreats and sessions of yoga, meditation and healing. Yoganiva focus on helping and improving your holistic health by providing you with the tools to find your way back to your true self, your inner home. In order to be able to achieve your full potential, to achieve a more balanced, substainable and harmonious wellbeing and lifestyle.

About Maya

Thank you for finding your way to Yoganiva! I used to work as a social worker, but during my three years as a social worker I got burn out twice (before even turning 30 years old !!!) and struggled with anxiety and panic attacks. During this period I found yoga and meditation and it litterally saved my life. For me yoga is not just a practice on your yoga mat, it is a lifestyle which you bring with you in your everyday-life. Yoga helped me to stop searching for all the answers around me, but instead to go deep within myself, to find my inner voice, my higher being. It also helped me to working with the most important relationship in my life – with myself. In order to help and love other people we need to start with ourselves.

I started yoga in January 2018, when I attended a yoga class in Mexico with my family. It was pure magic and from that moment I knew I had found my life dream, to become a yoga teacher. This was how I was supposed to help other people – to guide, inspire and help people feel the same joy, love and freedom that I just experienced during that class. In 2020 I decided to follow my heart and quited my job. I attended a 200-hour Yin & Yang yoga teacher training with Viva La Vida Lifestyle and Jane Bakx Yoga in Andalucia, Spain. I am also a certified Reiki Master Usui Holy Fire® offering courses and healing sessions both in-person and by distance.

I am beyond grateful for this journey and looking back, I can clearly see how each of every step was necessary to lead me to where I am today – living my dream, working with holistic health. Remember to always listen to and follow your heart, dare to dream big and to live your dream. Let’s share some love, light, laugh, joy and make the world a better place. Lots of love.

Namaste / Maya

About logotype

The logotype of Yoganiva is the Yin Yang symbol inside of a Mandala. Mandala is Sanskrit and means “circle” and it is a ritual and spiritual symbol from Hinduism and Buddhism. The mandala represent the Universe  – a circular cosmos where life is never ending, where everything is connected. It also represent the journey within each of us. The Yin Yang symbol is from Taoism/Daoism, a Chinese religion and philosophy. It symbolize that universe is governed by a cosmic duality, two opposing and complementing energies/principles of dark and light, sun and moon, male and female. The balance of yin and yang is important and existing in everything. There is no light without darkness and vice versa.  

Basis of Yoganiva

Balance and connection is the two grund pillar of Yoganiva’s concept and work. In the modern society people often identify themselves and search for happiness in the extern world such as money, education, work, relationship and forgetting the most important thing – themselves. Universe is all around us, everything in universe is within us. To achieve a more substainable and balanced wellbeing and lifestyle we need to stop searching around us and bring our focus inside us. We have all we need and all the answers inside of us, we only need to open the door to our inner, true self. Yoganiva is based on a holistic view where body, mind and soul are considered to be connected – just like a mandala. And within everything in universe, in our life, in ourselves we need to find balance. To find that right balance of Yin and Yang, so they complementing each other. Some things in life we can’t control or change, but we can change and take responsibility of how we respond and react to it.

Are you still reading? Are you still here? HURRAY. This means that you are willing to embark on this life changing and transforming journey – to achieve a more substainable, harmonious wellbeing and lifestyle. To balance yourself and find your inner truth! And remember, by doing this Yoganiva helps and provide you with the right tools to start your journey, but journey itseft – all that effort, work, willpower, love and light – is all you and no one else should ever get credic for that… well except for you!